Fast-track School Holiday Intensives

The fast-track school holiday intensive program is an excellent way to accelerate the development of your child's skills, and increase their confidence in, and around water.

The fast-track school holiday intensives program runs each school holiday period.

For program details and session times, please .

Our swim instructors plan fun, challenging and educational lessons.

The program structure includes

  • 1x 30min lesson per day, Monday to Friday
  • Private 1:1 lessons

An overview of the skills children will learn during this program, include;

  • Starts

    Learn the components of the dive, from pool edge to diving off a starting block, and streamline position on entry

  • Stroke specific

    Key fundamentals of specific strokes, including body position, kicking, arms, breathing and timing

  • Turns and finishes

    Learn all fast and precise turns and finishes for all strokes


  • Holiday intensives cater to:

    Preschoolers - Children aged 3.5 - 5 years

    Primary school aged children - Children aged 5 years and above

    • A towel
    • Goggles or cap, if the student prefers
    • A swim nappy if your child is not toilet trained
    • A happy and cheery smile with lots of energy
    • Students membership card and rewards card
    • A hat or beanie to keep the head warm in winter