Victoria Park Pool

Unlock Victoria Park Pool with our Access Key

Victoria Park Pool is excited to launch its Access Key.

Mon, 26 Sept 2022,
posted by City of Sydney

The Access Key information guide provides information, prediction, structure, orientation, and sensory integration to help visitors with Autism, cognitive disability, intellectual disability, dementia, and Alzheimer’s to familiarise themselves with the facility and plan their journey ahead of time, online.

Complete with coloured photographs, supportive text and sensory guides, our Access Key showcases our wide range of accessible features and provides visitors with accurate and convenient information prior to visiting.

The Access Key is offered in full colour including contextualised photographs as well as being offered in a large print text only format. Access Ability Australia have partnered with Vision Australia to bring you Access Keys in alternate formats. The text only Access Key has been formatted for people with low vision or who are blind and use assistive technology to access documentation. For Access Keys in audio or Braille, please contact Access Ability Australia.

With the launch of Victoria Park Pool's Access Key, we continue to strive towards making leisure opportunities available to our entire community.

To download the Access Key visit here