Victoria Park Pool

Discover what makes Victoria Park Pool Elliot's favourite place.

Learn why Victoria Park Pool is Elliot's sanctuary from the demands of university and work life.

Fri, 10 May 2024,
posted by City of Sydney

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Elliot, a final year student studying Product Design at the University of Technology.

As well as studying full time, Elliot works two part time jobs in retail and at an art gallery.

E: “I grew up in Manly, so swimming has always played an important part of my life. When I moved to the inner city, it was important that I kept swimming to keep active and healthy.

"Before Victoria Park Pool, I was living in Surry Hills and had a student 360 active membership. This allowed me to swim at Prince Alfred Park Pool and Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool.

Swimming became Elliot’s daily ritual, a moment of peace amidst the frenzy of university and work life.

E: “About a year ago I moved to Chippendale, and this is where I discovered Victoria Park Pool.”

Elliot decided to upgrade his membership from 360 Active to 360 Pro, which meant he could not only use the pool, but also the gym and participate in all the group fitness classes.

“I come to Victoria Park Pool almost every day. It is the perfect place to swim, train and relax at.

E: “I love to swim laps in the pool, but I also enjoy the classes. If I have a busy day ahead, I come to the 7:00am classes which is the perfect time for me to get my workout in.

“I appreciate the guidance and motivation from the instructors which you don’t get just training on your own.

“My favourite classes are the 360 Strength class and also Friday 5:30pm Yoga class – especially when I have a busy weekend planned.”

Beyond the physical benefits, it's the sense of training with friends and having fun that truly sets Victoria Park Pool apart.

E: "A lot of my friends from uni come here. Swimming and doing classes with people you know just makes it more fun which is a big priority for me.

“I've met so many incredible people here," Elliot says with a smile. "From fellow students to locals, we share a common love for staying active and social."

When Elliot is not swimming or exercising, you will often find him just relaxing in a deck chair by the pool or reading a book in the beautiful parklands.

E: “I just love the social setting as I am always bumping into friends here – I know about 20 people or so who come here. I have also met a lot of young and friendly people who all share the same mindset I do – to be active while having fun together.

Compared to other gyms, Victoria Park Pool is the best there is.

E: “I am not what you would call a “gym junkie” and I didn’t enjoy the competitiveness and culture of many other big gyms.

“I found Victoria Park Pool had the most diverse community and it is where I feel the most comfortable.”

Reflecting on the value of Victoria Park Pool, Elliot emphasises its accessibility and affordability.

"For just $15-$16 a week, it is great value for money. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals from UTS and Sydney Uni adds to the sense of belonging."

Coming to Victoria Park Pool is a bit of a tradition in Elliot’s family.

E: “My Mum grew up in the same area where I am living now and at my age, she was also swimming at Victoria Park Pool after her uni classes. It makes a wonderful shared experience and something to bond over.”

So what makes Victoria Park Pool Elliot’s happy place?

E: “Anytime I am feeling stressed with work, overwhelmed with uni, or just feeling the crunch of everyday life, all I have to do is to come here. I always leave feeling more grounded, refreshed and recharged and ready to face the world.

“I just love coming here – it is such an important part of my personality and life. It isn't just a place to exercise, it's a part of my identity, a source of solace in times of stress and a welcome break to the stresses of everyday life."