Group Fitness Class Descriptions

The following class descriptions outline all the classes delivered across all City of Sydney leisure centres. Classes offered differ at each centre.


  • Deep Aqua

    A totally suspended workout focusing on core strength and impact free exercises designed to improve balance, agility, posture and flexibility.

  • Shallow Aqua

    A shallow water program which uses the waters resistance to increase cardiovascular fitness as well as muscular strength and endurance

  • Warm Aqua

    This class is conducted in a warmer pool to accommodate gentle moves at a steadier pace. Great for beginners and those moving on from rehabilitation.

  • Swimfit

    Swim Fit is a non-competitive fitness program designed for swimmers who want to develop their fitness level. • The swimmers will generally swim between 1,500m and 3,000m per session.

  • Aqua Zumba

    A classic aqua aerobics with Latin flavor added. It entails dancing to motivational music with unigue dance moves and combinations-except it’s in water with resistance, creating a safe, low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise.

Group Fitness


    high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals. No matter what your fitness level, you'll get fit, stay fit and get fitter!


    A yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life. bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started. You’ll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centred.


    An empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, boxing. Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Strike, Punch, Kick and kata your way through calories to release your inner warrior.


    A combination of music and dance. It meets recommended intensity guidelines for exercise programming and is an effective workout for improving cardiorespiratory fitness, as well as for weight loss and weight maintenance.


    The original barbell class strengthens your entire body. This high energy workout challenges all the major muscle groups using the best weighted exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Get the results you came for and fast.

  • CORE

    Instructors guide you through correct core technique as you work with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises like crunches, and hovers. You will also get into some hip, glute and lower back exercises.

  • SPIN

    An indoor freestyle cycling workout, designed for all ages and fitness levels. Spin offers a challenging ride with fun energizing music as selected by the instructor meaning each class can be different!


    A 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, using an indoor bike to achieve fast results. It's a quick and hard style of training that returns rapid results with minimum joint impact.

  • RPM

    A group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It’s fun, low impact and burns loads of calories. The instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. In a RPM workout you repeatedly reach your cardio peak then ease back down, keeping pace with the pack to lift your personal performance and boost your cardio fitness.

  • Zumba

    Mix low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.

  • Dance Fit

    A fun training workout based on dance and music. It’s a cardiovascular and interval training class which uses different type of uplifting music, and various dance style, as Modern, Musical, Hip Hop and Latin Dance. There are low and high impact routines which involve the whole body to move.

Functional Training

  • HIIT

    Stands for High Intensity interval training, a proven method of high exertion, quick burst of energy mixed with quick rest. Out HIIT classes are built around big movements will giving you a total body workout in one quick and effective class which burn serious amounts of energy.

  • Athlete

    A great strength & conditioning workout focusing on dynamic upper and lower body movements. Using a variety of strength equipment and conditioning techniques this class will help you build your strength and improve your aerobic capacity under the watchful eye of our trainers.


  • Yoga

    Yoga is an ancient discipline practiced and brings the body and mind together and is built on three main elements – exercise, breathing and meditation.

  • Hatha Yoga

    A set of exercises to open the many energy channels of the body. Hatha creates balance of strength and flexibility by balancing the effort and surrender of each position.

  • Vinyasa Yoga

    A style of yoga stringing postures together from one move to another. The instructor will guide you through seamless transitions while focusing on breathing. No two class are alike.

  • Pilates

    Pilates is a series of over 500 exercises inspired by calisthenics, yoga and ballet. Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

  • Reformer Pilates

    A traditional piece of Pilates equipment which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. It improves strength — particularly around the core, back, glutes and thighs — flexibility and balance, as well as focus, coordination, posture and body alignment

  • Beginner Reformer Pilates

    You'll learn the fundamental Pilates principles for correct technique. It is great place to start if you are new, or have injuries or limited ranges of movement.

  • Intermediate Reformer Pilates

    A more complex set of sequences that exercises the mind as well as the body, concentrating on breathing, smoothness of movement, and the targeting of specific muscle groups.

  • Athletic Reformer Pilates

    A fast-paced, more energetic Reformer set, using heavier strength exercises and combining elements of Cardio with the fundamental principles.


  • GOLD Stretch

    Designed to give your muscles and joints some extra range of motion, whilst also preventing injury.

  • GOLD Strength

    Have fun and move through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living.

  • GOLD Zumba

    A Zumba based class for older adults and seniors, low to medium intensity that inv olves dance and aerobic movements to Latin and international music.

  • GOLD Yoga

    Low impact yoga class, focusing on breathing and meditation.

  • GOLD Balance

    Involves a range of exercises that improve stability, focusing on muscle groups such as legs and core.